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Museums Press was established in 2009 whilst working on the inaugural issue of a group-style, multi-formed, compilation-esque publication that not only 'kicked-off' proceedings but has since constituted the backbone of our offerings to the world. Issues appeared somewhat annually and were twice produced in collaboration with Manchester based promoters of music and arts Comfortable on a Tightrope and once with Glasgow/London based publisher Bronze Age Editions. The series that made us concluded in 2014 with its sixth issue and proposed the notion of becoming a publisher of art for leisure.  Between 2010 - 2014 a series of single author publications of visual arts and occasionally writing were produced. Museums Small Press operated between 2011 - 2013 publishing thirty-seven art-zines during its tenure. During the active period of 2009 - 2014 publicly, Museums Press as an entity presented work and projects and Krets, Malmo (May 2013); Ti Pi Tin, London (April 2013). Later, it was re-animated for a residency and exhibition project 'New Edition' at Edinburgh Printmakers (February - July 2017)

In late 2011, Museums Press gave way to its sister project, the artist led bookshop and project space Good Press.

Museums Press lay mostly dormant between 2014 - 2017 due to the increasing economic demands (economies of time, economies of labour, economies of incomings and outgoings, economies of leisure.)

In 2016, Museums Press nearly re-emerged with a series of on-demand tape cassettes of audio recordings from reading events at Good Press and Elsewhere. These may still come to pass.

In 2017, Museums Press established a new subsidiary A Plume to publish writing. A Plume aims to produce two single-authored books a year and an Annual.

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